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Healing Arts Programs

Coming home through creativity and sound.

What are the healing arts?

I see myself as nothing but a steppingstone in the journey my clients have embarked upon. I am one small support within a community of care that exists, and I do not believe that I have any more answers than my clients have themselves. It is my mission to bring the education I have spent time accumulating, as well as my own empathy, compassion and creativity I carry with me to my community. I believe that by bringing love and support to others in need, I am playing my part in the interwoven fabric that ties our lives and life force together on this planet. I seek every day to dismantle my inner prejudices, biases and assumptions by meeting them with curiosity and compassion and sharing my humble pursuits in the way I show up for my clients, my friends, my family, and myself. I seek to create a safe space for my clients through my anti-racist work and active allyship in the LGBTQ2SAI+ community, all while recognizing my prejudice as a white and able bodied person and inviting conversation around discontinuity in my character and approach.


My dream is that folks who pass through the therapeutic space here at Resonant Energy Therapy will notice me little, and find themselves more. I aspire to bring some good into the world, all the while knowing that I am only human, flawed, beautiful and unique.

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