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Holding, Releasing, Rebuilding

It is my honour to be completing my training as a counsellor. I am taking on wellness counselling clients at this time with the full disclosure that I am a counsellor in training. 

As with everything I do here at Resonant Energy Therapy, it is my deepest intention to provide clients with a soft, holistic and trauma informed place to land and process what they have been experiencing. I hold a belief that no one is broken, and thus no one needs fixing. As your counsellor, I will be a stepping stone in your journey, a journey that you have the absolute power to make. 

There are always things in life that sideswipe us and knock us off our axel as we move through life, be it injury, loss, illness, trauma, death, change, oppression, pain, mental health, relationships, family, or simply coping with the world that we live in and its many deep rooted injustices and systemic failures. In counselling, we have the opportunity to dive as deep as safely suits you and explore the depths of your experience in a supportive, empathetic and assertive manner. We can celebrate the wins and hold space for the losses, all the while holding you, the client, in the an energy of empowerment.

Potential Benefits of Counselling

  • Trauma processing, healing and release

  • Coping strategies

  • Supporting mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness

  • Harm reduction and safety planning

  • Discovering community support and resources

  • Developing interdependent relationship skills

  • Self care practices

  • Cognitive and behavioural skills

  • Space held for big emotions in an unbiased and trauma informed manner

  • Exploring relationship to behaviour, emotional reactivity, values, beliefs, boundaries and needs

  • Receiving empathy and validation

Who is Counselling for?

Counselling is for anyone and everyone. Having someone to support you in your process and assist in connecting you with resources within your community, family and relationships can be a fundamental stepping stone in a journey toward overall wellbeing in life. 

In my practice, I work with folks of all ages, genders and occupations, and I have predominant focus on working with women, nonbinary and folks in the 2SLGBTQAI+ community, as well as with all those who are in some way identified as an artist (musicians, writers, actors, dancers, visual artists, etc).

Counselling Modalities

Within the umbrella of wellness counselling, it is my honour to have been trained and informed in several different forms of counselling itself. Some clients are more suited to a cognitive approach which some prefer a more body based somatic form of healing. At Resonant Energy Therapy, my intention is to come prepared to share and offer tastes of any form of counselling that may best serve you in the moment.

So what can you expect?

  • Talk Therapy - This is one of the more common forms of therapy circulating right now. In talk therapy, we sit together in exploration, curiosity and sharing of your experience and inquiries I may have to assist in your process.

  • Narrative Therapy - Narrative Therapy is a more interactive form of talk therapy in which we frame your experience as the story of your life at this time. We can get creative and explore the plot, the themes, the characters as well as characterizing any problems that are occurring. This can be deeply beneficial when dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction or general stressors.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Often referred to as CBT, this is a skills based short term therapy in which we identify cognitive distortions and automatic thoughts that are causing strain in ones life.

  • Dialectial Behavioural Therapy - DBT is an offshoot of CBT which seeks to offer support to clients frequently finding themselves out of their window of tolerance due to triggers in their life. It explores distress tolerance and emotional regulation at its core.

  • Somatic Therapy - This is a body based, nervous system healing therapy modality. By gently tapping into stored survival energy and attending to the body's needs in the moment, clients are able to process stored trauma or big emotions that could contribute to illness, pain, trauma responses and more.

  • Trauma Release Session - An extension of somatic therapy and catharsis, trauma release sessions come along with an intensive preparation for the event and result in a large processing of a stored trauma in the body.

  • Eco Therapy - Calling on both the body and our environment, we use exploratory orienting to settle and soothe the charged nervous system. We can use all senses available and any space, as well as getting outside!

  • Expressive Arts Therapy - Using the healing power of creativity and art, we can bring in story, play, colouring, painting, music, dance and anything else that serves and suits your expression to assist in processing stored or stuck emotions and energy that has accumulated in your body.

Counselling Modalities

All clients have access to a free 15 minute discovery call. Register now!

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