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For Artists

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The path of an artist is not one that is widely understood outside the confines of our industries. We strive so profoundly to express ourselves while also pushing ourselves to the very limits of our capacity every day. We are peak performers, we have perfectionist tendencies, we live in a competitive field, and we are the soulful creators of beautiful, unique works...and lives. Unfortunately, there is also a lot that happens behind the scenes that the world outside may not see. Artists and performers are struggling with mental and physical health, systems of oppression, intensive pedagogy, all on top of the innate stress of our jobs. On top of this, so many arts educators are being asked to hold space for their students traumas and mental health crises without adequate training. This is a huge ask for teachers.


You do not need to be alone in this. 

You matter.

You cannot make art if you cannot be well with your body, mind, soul and spirit.  

As someone who is also an artist, a classically trained musician and recovering perfectionist, I am here for you, and here to tell you that you deserve support. I have put together a wide variety of programs for you to help you manage stress, relationships, creativity, injury, health, recovery and so much more. 

Let's work together and get you exactly where you need to be while also holding onto the dear, beautiful parts of you that deserve to be cared for along the way. 

More Information on Lucy

Looking to know more about me as a performer and musician? Please visit my website for more on upcoming events, concerts, presentations and lessons!

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