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Group Sessions For Artists 

Being a member of the arts community can be deeply moving and powerful, and it also comes with its own share of unique difficulties. From working through perfectionism, self-doubt, an intense schedule and high emotional activation, working with students through their mental health crises and our own, we need space to care for ourselves and be held. 

Group sessions are run on and off throughout the year. Each group will take place when enough members have registered. Sessions are held virtually and in person depending on attendance and scheduling. 

This is an affordable opportunity to seek support for your own emotional, mental and physical wellbeing that simultaneously contributes to building a healthier community within the industry. 

Register For Group Sessions

Below are the different groups available beginning in September 2023. You can register for as many groups as you would like. To register for more than one group, simply fill out the registration form below multiple times with your request.

Once the groups have enough people to run, you will be notified via email with information on scheduling, location, dates and an intake form to indicate any access needs or wants from the group. 

Group sessions are $25 per session

Register Now

Thanks for registering! You will be notified by email when the group has enough participants to run.

Group Regstration
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