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Welcome to your Offerings Dashboard here at Resonant Energy Therapy. Informed by modalities like talk therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Feminist Theory and more, we will work together to hold your experience with warmth and trauma informed care. 

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Informed Modalities

At Resonant Energy Therapy, I offer Holistic Wellness Counselling. As part of our work together, we have the opportunity to call on several modalities of therapy and coaching to ensure a well rounded, holistic approach to healing and growth. Through my education, I am informed in the following modalities;

Talk Therapy

Narrative Therapy



Somatic Therapy

Trauma Release

Expressive Arts Therapy

Eco Therapy

Youth Counselling

Scope of Practice

Making Change in Life

Goal Setting

Life Changes and Transitions

Grief and Loss

Work-life Balance

Setting and Asserting Boundaries

Needs, Values and Beliefs

Stress and Overwhelm


Mysticism and Spirituality

Creativity and Inspiration

Mental Skills

Healthy Communication

Body Image

Injury and Illness

Self Harm and Suicide Ideation




Specific Topics for Femme and Nonbinary Identified Clients



Finding Joy

Don't see your topic on the list? No problem. You can register as a client here and we will connect to see if I'm a good fit for you.

Learn More

Visit the Counselling page to explore more about the modalities and the benefits they may have for you.

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