One on One

Explore Coaching, Counselling and Private Lesson options created specifically for to clients within the arts and performing arts communities.

Using traditional holistic life coaching blended with first hand experience in the performing arts, I offer coaching to artists in the community to assist in creating and meeting goals from a place of wellbeing and health.

Some topics we may cover;

General Life Coaching

Mindset and Mental Skills

Performance Preparation

Performance Anxiety

Creativity and Inspiration

Writers Block

Healthy Practice Habits

Lifestyle Planning


Self Care

Consent and Boundary Setting

Needs, Values and Beliefs



Coping with Life in the Arts Industry

The work we do as artist can be a painstaking task. The challenges we face in a competitive, elitist and often toxic industry often go unnoticed by those around us, especially those who consume our art. Tending to your wellbeing as an artist is fundamental. Your art cannot exist if you are not well enough to make it.

My goal is to bring wellness counselling into the arts while also holding a firm understanding that there are many aspect of the industry which need updating and changing before we can see any real change. Still, we can care for ourselves and advocate for our welfare no matter what.

Some topics we may cover in counselling;

Substance Use and Addiction

Self Harm and Suicide Ideation

Anxiety and Depression

Stress and Overwhelm



Pain and Injury

Grief and Loss

Mental Health

Performance Anxiety

The Nervous System and how to Regulate

Relationships to Others, Self and Art

Somatic Therapy for Performance

In addition to counselling and coaching modalities, I also offer private lessons. My studio is inherently rooted in a trauma informed and motivational change model, which means that as a teacher, I am always seeking informed consent, co-collaboration and nervous system regulation for both myself and students. I believe that my students are in the driver's seat of their artistic career, I am simply there to help navigate. 

For students seeking technical or fundamental advice, I teach French Horn (all levels) and Piano (beginner/intermediate).

For students seeking to be part of a trauma informed, emotionally and artistically rooted studio, I accept students of all instruments and levels with the disclosure that we will work primarily on playing from love, health, creativity and spirituality. I teach students how to set up a healthy practice, incorporate mindfulness and mental skills, explore their body while playing and ultimately dig into their artistic authenticity.

For folks who are recovering from trauma and would like to begin learning an instrument, please keep an eye out for my Healing Arts Programs coming soon!

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