The Trauma Informed Studio

Working one on one with students in the arts is a unique and powerful experience. It is an opportunity to share, to create and to support someone in the fundamental steps of their career. It is also an opportunity to begin to shift the traditional narrative of fear, abuse of power, oppression and ethical shortcomings that have consistently secured themselves in our communities in the arts. There is more need for awareness around mental health and trauma than ever. Through The Trauma Informed Studio course and events, teachers will have the opportunity to create a studio space that is not only safe and conducive to their students' learning, but one that truly supports them in their authentic vision as the teachers, musicians and human beings they are.

The Trauma Informed Studio

The Trauma Informed Studio is a multimodal, integrative course that uses the life skills experiential model that offers teachers further education in how to bring a safe, empathetic, trauma informed lens into their teaching studios. Having a lens to teach through which holds space for trauma and mental health is the first step required in more wholly supporting our students navigate their artistic careers, shifting the traditional oppressive culture in the arts industry, as well staying healthy and creative as teachers and artists themselves.

Teachers will be offered and exploration of concepts such as trauma, the nervous system, safety, ethics, power structures, emotional regulation and co-regulation, communication tools, setting and asserting boundaries as well as access to a variety of resources for further support.

The course is offered to teachers around the world. Participants have the opportunity to attend a weekend in person retreat which includes four sessions, a virtual weekend retreat including the same four sessions, or they may attend asynchronously by registering for the fully individual online course. 

Participants will come away with a handbook, an in depth resources list, worksheets and the opportunity to connect with the community of trauma informed teachers all around the world. 

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  • To provide a foundation for trauma informed teaching tools for teachers in the arts

  • Support teachers in managing crises and supporting their own needs

  • Safety for students

  • Reduce harm, abuse and oppression in the arts industry

  • Care for artists and recognize them for the whole person they are

  • Facilitate high quality learning and creative careers

  • Establish solid resources for teachers and students

  • Reduce the stigma and contribute to a narrative of empowerment and wellbeing for artists


  • To respond to the ongoing mental health pandemic across the globe

  • To respond to mental health crisis in young people

  • To respond to ever increasing data and reports on artist mental and physical ill health

  • To get real about traditional systems and the abuse they have facilitated, and change the narrative

  • To upgrade pedagogical model to more effectively facilitate student learning, creativity and success


  • Faculty members at arts schools, conservatories, studios, universities, colleges, etc

  • Private studio teachers

  • Professionals in any arts field

  • Student teachers

  • Music teachers

  • Acting and theatre teachers

  • Performance Coaches

  • Dance and expressive arts teachers

  • Writing and creative writing coaches and teachers

  • Anyone who works in the arts one on one or in group settings with students of any age


  • In Person: Two-day weekend event featuring four sessions + bonus sessions in person in Toronto, Ontario (exact location coming soon) with group discussion, experiential learning, self reflection, a handbook and handouts and community building offered bi-annually

  • Virtual: Two-day weekend event featuring four sessions + bonus sessions run on Zoom with group discussion, experiential learning, self reflection, a handbook and handouts and community building offered bi-annually

  • Asynchronous: A fully online digital course that has videos on each topic, a corresponding handbook and handouts as well as access to a virtual community of likeminded individuals

 Welcome to our Community

Are you a teacher or coach working in the arts in some way? Do you work one on one or in groups with students and learners? Are you looking to expand your awareness around anti-oppression, inclusivity, trauma informed approaches, accumulating resources and creating safe spaces for yourself and your students? Are you an advocate for changing the narrative of oppression and abuse in the arts?

The Trauma Informed Studio Community is here to welcome you with open arms.

As a participant in The Trauma Informed Studio workshops, whether virtually or in person, you will be connected with like minded teachers and creative souls who are exploring what it means to offer trauma informed education, as well as to heal from our own traumas we've collected through the trials of our industry.

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Register for The Trauma Informed Studio 
Pre-Registration is Open Now!

Spots will be available on a first come first serve basis and are limited to 10-15 people max per session to facilitate the experiential model, so reserve your spot now! Full registration will follow in the next few months. You will be able to register for the full weekend, or one day only. If all the spots have been filled, no worries! There will be a waitlist and you'll be first on the list for the next bi-annual session.