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Lucy Nesbitt

Welcome! I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and Counselling Therapist, and I support clients of all ages and walks of life through Creative Arts and Somatic Therapies. I most frequently work with clients who are integrating and healing trauma, looking to soothe and support their nervous system, or who are experiencing grief and bereavement for a variety of reasons.


Whether you're experiencing cognitive, emotional or physical symptoms, my hope is that our work together can offer you not only a soft place to land and find solace, but the chance to metabolize past hurts and generate new possibilities for ease and agency in your life.

As a holistic therapeutic practitioner, I offer clients a wide range of modalities that meets them wherever they’re at in their healing journey. In counselling, we can use Expressive Art Therapies (including visual arts, music, dance and writing), Talk Therapy, Somatic Therapy (nervous system/body based), Narrative Therapy, Eco Therapy, as well as behavioural therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. No matter what modality we choose, clients will have the opportunity to renegotiate patterns and traumas stored in their nervous system with creativity and body based mindfulness.

I also offer several healing modalities that are separate from clinical counselling. Being wholly creative is something I cherish, I am a professional, classically trained musician, music teacher and writer. I love to offer folks a holistic exploration through a variety of different creative means. To see a full list of services provided here at Resonant Energy Therapy, visit the Services section on this page!

In our work together, my priority will always be to offer you gentle, wholly compassionate companionship, and to support you as you move through the experiences of your life. Our sessions can be quiet, warm, empathetic, and sometimes full of laughs - whatever it is you need to feel resonant within yourself again.


In addition to being a counsellor and musician (and avid reader), I am proudly non-binary/gender fluid. It is my heartfelt joy to explore the deep, essential nature of who we are below all the layers of conditioning, and firmly believe that everyone is the true expert in themselves, capable of healing any and all hurts accumulated along the way. 


I can’t wait to meet you and join you in your process! 

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Areas of Support

Discover how pursuing a creative, somatic and holistic approach can support you on your therapeutic journey

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Holistic Approach

A holistic therapeutic experience is one in which every component of your life is not only heard and revered, but seen as a stepping stone to deeper understanding. There is no part of you that will be left behind, and no direction we won't travel. All of you is welcome.

Mind-Body Connection

The communication from our mind to our body, or the other way around, is fundamental in our ability to heal. Through creative and somatic therapies, you'll have the opportunity to integrate your left and right brain thinking, and connect your gut-brain and mind-brain with grace and cohesion, re-patterning old ways of being into spontaneous new possibilities.

Trauma Healing

Healing from trauma and chronic stress requires us to fundamentally shift the way our central and autonomic nervous system relate with the world. Body based creative mindfulness practices take us to that depth and allow us the chance to experience the world - and ourselves- anew.

Generating New Possibilities

For many of us, we have become conditioned to believe certain experiences are the only possibility for us. I will never feel better. No one will ever be able to care for me. I won't ever be able to heal from that loss. While all these may currently be true to us, what if we could know that truth - and consider a new possibility. What if we could feel hurt, and have the capacity to be loved too? What if we could crave darkness, and cherish light as well? These are possibilities that we can begin to experience through gentle descent into our inner landscapes and shadowed parts. 

Physical and Mental Health 

While therapy is often seen as a support for mental health, our physical health is more closely related than we may realize. By supporting our nervous system through somatic and creative therapy, we are supporting our whole body system as well.


Engaging with our playful, creative sides is one of the most accessible ways to heal. You have life force within you, and with that comes a chance to heal. Creativity is to emotional healing like white blood cells are to an open wound. Where creativity leads, healing follows.


"Lucy holds an exceptionally safe space for those who feel misunderstood in life. She is an expert at working with inner critic perfectionism and her presence is soft, sweet, wise and inviting."

- Ms. Samasati Kiya, RTC




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Healing Connections Wellness Centre

10548 115 Street Northwest

Edmonton, AB T5H 3K6

Sunday - 10am-6pm

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