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Welcome to Resonant Energy Therapy. This practice was created on the foundation of joy, curiosity, dreams and the deep rooted desire to do good for my community. I believe in the ability we all hold to care for ourselves, to care for one another, and to live full and fulfilled lives. 

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Mission Statement

Welcome to Resonant Energy Therapy. My name is Lucy Nesbitt (she/they). My intention is to facilitate an authentic, compassionate setting for clients to find the support they need in their life transitions and resulting grief. I aim to support my client's empowerment and healthy wellbeing with unconditional empathy, warmth and compassion. I ensure that our work together is co-collaborative, transparent and rooted in my clients’ ability to make empowered choice at all times.


As a counsellor, my process is inspired by creativity. I flow with my clients’ needs and meet them where they’re at by offering a wide variety of holistic, trauma informed modalities. My responsibility to my clients and practice is that I always show up anchored in my own authenticity and professionalism, as well as in my commitment to continued education, anti-oppression, diversity and awareness of the systems of oppression at play in the wellness community, and community as a whole.

In addition to this work, I specialize in supporting those living and working in the arts, having come from this background myself. I offer a deep understanding of the arts industry, the relationship we have with our craft, and specific care to reflect the lifestyle asked of artists. To read more about artist specific offerings, please visit the For Artists page of the website!

The Credentials


Registered Therapeutic Counsellor Candidate, Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, Member ID #3171


Counselling Therapist, Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta, Registration #2615


Professional Counsellor Diploma, Rhodes Wellness College,

Wellness Counsellor Certification

Holistic Life Skills Counsellor Certification, Rhodes Wellness College


Holistic Life Coaching Certification, Rhodes Wellness College

Holistic Experiential Life Skills Workshop Facilitator Certification


Bachelor's Degree with Honours, Horn Performance, University of Toronto

Additional Experience

Lecturer, International Women's Brass Conference, 2022

Guest Clinician, University of Toronto St. George Campus and University of Toronto Scarborough Campus

Mental Health and Wellness Practitioner, Lippert Music Centre Mental Health and Wellness Clinic, 2022-Present

Mental Health Clinician, Brott Music Festival National Academy Orchestra, 2021, 2022

Mental Health Faculty, National Youth Orchestra of Canada, 2022

Mental Health and Wellness Facilitator, Appleby Arts Camps, 2022

Private Music Teacher, 2016-Present

Music Teacher, Lippert Music Centre, 2022-Present

Music Teacher, St. Michael's College School, 2018-Present

National Youth Orchestra of Canada, 2019

University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra, 2016-2020

Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra, 2016-2018

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Photo by Danielle Sum


​My intention in all my work is to come to the space and collaborate with you, meeting you wherever you’re at, and joining with you to discover the road forward towards ease and comfort in your life.

Every moment of our life holds change, transition and the possibility of grief. Whether we're growing up, choosing a career, experiencing illness or injury, coming out, getting married, experiencing a breakup, you name it - the process of transition and grieving are present. This can bring anxiety, depression, a dark night of the soul, inspiration, despair...everything. My goal is the be there with you through it all, someone in your corner, a companion and support as you process it all. I believe that you are the expert in your life and it is my job to offer a soft space for you to land while you are in your healing journey.

Together we will use our intuition, emotional capacity, curiosity and creativity to explore whatever is coming up in your life and find some tools to help you find the support you are seeking. No one is broken, no one needs fixing. We do not need to eliminate the bad in order to live a good life. What we can do in counselling is discover the authentic, resonant energy that lives within you and is seeking to be set free as you walk your life path.

My Background

Before embarking on my journey as a coach and counsellor, I trained as a professional orchestral musician. Through my time in school and auditioning, it became apparent to me that there was not adequate access to mental health professionals with specific experience in the performing arts who could help young musicians and artists such as myself. 

After dealing with my own mental health crises, physical health complaints and burnout, I decided that it was time I did something about that lack of support.

This led me to Rhodes Wellness College where I completed my education as Professional Counsellor, Wellness Counsellor, Holistic Life Coach and Experiential Life Skills Workshop Facilitator, and eventually to my licensing as a Counselling Therapist and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor - Candidate. My experiences with my own mental health also led me to becoming a volunteer crisis responder in hopes that I may be there for others the way so many were there for me in my own journey. 

Now, I am thrilled to share my learnings and space with you. 

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Photo by Danielle Sum
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Commitment to

There is no space in the wellness community for a blind eye turned to the systems of oppression at play in our society. I work every day to remove the biases I have inherited in my upbringing. Access to therapy is, in and of itself, a privilege. The new age wellness community and traditional psychology fields have a history of appropriation, white washing, lack of diversity, as well as classism. These are standards by which I simply cannot operate. It is my hope to keep my rates at an accessible price, and know that I am always here and open to talk about ways we might be able to make things work.


For folks in the arts, 2SLGBTQAI+ community or those who are BIPOC or AAPI, please know you will be given precedence for the sliding scale program I offer, just let me know how I can support. Behind the scenes of my practice, I will be exploring my shortcomings in my own anti-oppression learning.


I myself am genderfluid and bisexual, and ally to ALL others in the 2SLGBTQAI+ community. As such I feel very strongly about the need for representation, communication and genuine, authentic self work to unlearn bias and create a safe space for those around us. For this reason, I attend workshops, do my own research and reflection so that I can show up in a spirit that genuinely supports those around me.

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